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Vacant Moments is the result of extensive research and close collaboration between an IT company, a licensed travel agent, marketing company and accommodation providers.

Vacant Moments is:
  • an online service facilitating direct accommodation bookings with property owners or their representatives
  • working for you the property owner on a non commissionable basis
  • working for you the guest to make your holiday booking as easy and cost free as possible


Vacant Moments is not:
  • a wholesaler
  • a directory service supplying only a list of contact details
  • an agency making money by charging a booking fee
  • a last minute site offering only short notice availability

Why use Vacant Moments?

  • No 3rd party misunderstandings.
    Guests and owners comunicate directly so questions can be answered accurately by people who really do know the property.

  • Save money.
    There are no commissions for owners and no booking fees for guests.

  • Established. has been on the Internet since 2004 and is a long established business.