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Holiday accommodation rental Northern Provinces. Book holiday, vacation and business accommodation for Northern Provinces Italy direct.

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About Northern Provinces

Northern Italy is comprised of eight regions;

    1. Piedmont
    2. Aosta Valley
    3. Lombardy
    4. Trentino Alto Adige
    5. Veneto
    6. Friuli-Venezia Giulia
    7. Liguria
    8. Emilia-Romagna

PIEDMONT - Is a region of rugged mountains, misty rivers, castles, museums, abbeys and cathedrals. Its position beside the French and Swiss Alps has helped create an identity quite different to the rest of Italy. The region's northernmost reaches could easily be Swiss, while Torino's grand squares, arcades and sophisticated cafè life reflect a French influence rather than anything "typically Italian".

AOSTA VALLEY - lies in the furthest North West corner of Italy, bordered by the southern slopes of Mont Blanc, The Gran Paradiso and the Mt. Rosa ranges. Its landscape includes mountain peaks, glaciers, streams, grazing lands and dense forests. The valley has always been an important passageway through the Alps and is lined with castles. It is a winter paradise for the snow enthusiast.

LOMBARDY - Italy's richest and most developed region extends from the alps to the lush Po River valley. It is known for its romantic lakes, art galleries, affluent towns and food. The capital of the region is Milan, one of the world's leading commercial centers, a fashion mecca and the home of La Scala Opera House.

TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE - The spectacular limestone Dolomite mountain range reigns this region, and to many people symbolises the epitome of both winter and summer sports. Excellent roads and hotels and sports facilities make this the most popular region for mountain-lovers. Read more.

VENETO - Veneto means Venice, the most imaginative city in the world with its network of canals traversed by gondolas, exquisite cut glass, 400 bridges and 118 islands. Beyond Venice there is the spa resorts of Abano and Montegrotto, and the magnificent winter sports area of Cortina, the Cadore Valley, the beaches of Caorle and Jesolo and Giotto's extraordinary frescoes at Padova. Read more.

FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA - Art, landscapes and ancient traditions are the attractions of this region which lies between the Venetian plain, the alps and the sea. The region is relatively unexplored, and you can blend urban culture with nature by heading for the Adriatic beaches, northern ski slopes or forest walking tracks.

LIGURIA - is the mildest region in northern Italy. Its two rivieras have an exceptional climate all year round. Liguria is the largest producer of flowers although its main economic resources come from the sea. It is known for its handicrafts including ivory, filigree work, lace and damasks. The food of the region is influenced by the products of the Mediterranean climate including fresh herbs, extra virgin olive oil and seafood.

EMILIA-ROMAGNA - The regions capital, Bologna, was one of the most important medieval cities. It has the oldest university in Europe and educated the likes of Dante and Petrarch. The Adriatic town of Ravenna, boasts one of the world's best collection of Byzantine mosaics. Emilia, which stretches west of Bologna, and Romagna to the east were joined during Italian unification. Both were former papal states, and they each retain their own identity: the Emilians are an industrious people, and the Romagnoli are known for their entrepreneurial spirit.

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