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Why list on Vacant Moments?

  1. NO COMMISSION. You save money because Vacant Moments does not charge commissions on your bookings. You deal directly with the guest which means you eliminate the middle man and their commissions and there is more money in your pocket. We charge a small annual fee so you know exactly what our service is going to cost for the whole year. Click here for prices.

  2. Eliminate 3rd party misunderstandings. You decide who stays and when. All booking requests are sent directly to you the property owner or someone you specify. This means there are no 3rd party misunderstandings.

    Questions about your property from prospective guests come directly to you to be answered accurately by you therefore, eliminating the embarrassment of potentially inaccurate information supplied by a 3rd party.

  3. Get payment under your terms. You don't have to wait for your money. Vacant Moments does not handle your money. Payment is made directly to you and according to your terms. The property owner or your representative handles all financial transactions with the guests.

  4. Control over your listing. You have complete control over your property listing and bookings 24x7 through password-secured, internet access.

  5. Flexibility. You are not locked in by Vacant Moments as we do not require room allocations nor do we expect you to provide discounted prices.

  6. You save time. You can link your listing directly to your own rates page, availability calendar and booking system on your own web site, or you can use ours. Using direct links from your listing on Vacant Moments to pages on your own web site means you don't have to duplicate information.

  7. Established. has been on the Internet since 2004 and is a long established business.

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